If you are seeking greater peace and spiritual fulfillment in your life ...

Then you can create a deeply impactful change with this very simple and easy program for your personal, spiritual transformation.

By focusing on a few simple things for the next five weeks, you can create a whole new way of being for yourself, and a much more magical and blessed life.

This is entirely free, and meant to be shared freely with all. If you would like to give something back, then please tell others about this site or link to us. This site may expand in the future, so please check back.

Here is how this simple program works.

First, you simply decide that you want to increase your spirituality, the quality of love, positivity, generosity, and gratitude (and many other auspicious qualities) that you experience and share with others. During the first four weeks of the program, you will have a simple spiritual focus on the following four things. The first week's focus is gratitude, the second week is love, the third week is positivity, and the fourth week is generosity. The fifth week will focus on all four of these together. There is more detail and instruction on each spiritual focus below.

Throughout the program, there are a few other simple things to practice.

The first is to make some time each day for some kind of spiritual practice, such as prayer or meditation. It doesn't matter how long you spend doing this, though at least ten minutes a day are recommended. To complete this program as it is intended, you must choose to make this time for a daily spiritual practice a true priority in your life. This regular, personal ritual issues a continual invitation to the divine to enter into your life more fully.

Another commitment that you make to yourself in this program is to eat and drink more healthfully for the next five weeks. Cut down on refined sugars, caffeine, fried foods, processed foods, and non-organically or unconsciously raised or created foods--while eating more natural foods and drinking a good amount purified or spring water.

Another thing you might choose to do over these five weeks is to read things that spiritually inspire and uplift you.

Also over the next five weeks, think about your possibilities in your life, and how you can be much more than you have previously allowed yourself to be.

And last but not least, remember to laugh!

So that's the basic outline of the program. Nice and simple. But you won't believe how very powerful this is until the end of these five weeks. Your life will never be the same again!

Now whenever you are ready to commit to taking responsibility for having a dramatically positive experience that will change your life forever, you can symbolize it by placing a checkmark in the box below. This action won't do anything other than act as a symbol of your choice. Whenever you're ready ...

Yes, I am ready to begin! I am ready to take more personal responsibility for my spiritual growth, and so I will do my part to create a more loving and positive world, beginning now with myself.

Good for you!!! Now write down the date and time that you made this decision. This date and time begins the first week of the program. Then after every seven days that follow over the next five weeks, you will move on to the next week's focus. Even if you feel you didn't master the spiritual focus for the previous week (that would take a lot of practice), move on to the next and start fresh with a new one. You can always repeat this program in the future, or repeat one of the weeks' focuses over again later on. But for now, go through the five weeks in their natural order and just have fun with it!

After you're done, you might want to go back and repeat one or more weeks that you felt you needed to work on more. Or, start the whole program all over again.

Here are the four weekly spiritual focuses of this program. These are the spiritual skills that you will be mastering. From time to time over the next five weeks, it is recommended that you reread the ideas below, as well as the general practices above.

Week One Spiritual Focus: Gratitude

Abundance is literally an inevitable byproduct of gratitude. As we feel genuine thankfulness for anything in life, the universe truly responds by giving us more things to be grateful for. This is an immutable spiritual law, as real and reliable as the law of gravity. The reverse effect is true for things that we resent or complain about.

For this week's spiritual focus, continually practice feeling the greatest gratitude that you possibly can. Find entirely new things to be grateful for, things that you've never even considered. Infuse your entire reality with a vibrant quality of happiness and appreciation for everything around you. It might astound you to discover how dramatically this will affect your life. Just watch the miracles that will begin to unfold like magic. Simply amazing!

Week Two Spiritual Focus: Love

Love is the very truth of our being, and loving others is the fastest, easiest, and surest way to come back home to our true selves. Our greatest shared life lesson and purpose is to learn how to love.

This week's spiritual focus is to feel as much love in your heart as you possibly can for everyone that you come across (including yourself!). Even while walking down the street or riding in a car, hold a space of openness and love for everyone that crosses your path. Practice smiling at everyone and thus uplifting everyone you meet in some small way. Keep your heart open and sweet. This will return a flood of warmth back to you from others, showing you a powerful new way of living happily and with much less fear.

Week Three Spiritual Focus: Positivity

Our thoughts create the vibrational quality of our reality, as our outer reality is, more than anything else, the reflection of our inner self. Our thinking acts like a magnet, attracting to us the vibrations we dwell upon.

This week's spiritual focus is to monitor your thoughts and introduce new patterns of positive and uplifting thinking. When you notice negative thoughts arise, note them without any harsh judgement. Then deliberately and deeply feel at least two strong positive ideas, so that the net effect of that negative thought becomes a positive one. And throughout the day, create bold, new positive thoughts, surprising yourself with the ideas you conjure up. This practice will create an uplifting surge of energy, confidence, and a renewed appreciation for life.

Week Four Spiritual Focus: Generosity

The more we share, the more we have. This simple truth is magical, and it's ours to play with and enjoy. It's important to be responsible by focusing on our own thoughts and feelings, but the greatest application of our spirituality comes in how much we care about others and go out of our way to uplift them.

This week's spiritual focus is to go out of your way to do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. Think up creative ways to be there for other people. You might create some gifts to share with others, send a letter to someone you appreciate, give someone a massage, help someone in need, or pray for others. This will help you to remember who you really are, and to create a wave of love and happiness that will spread and multiply throughout the world, benefitting literally all of creation.

Week Five Spiritual Focus: All Together Now

For your graduation week, it's time to practice all of the above four spiritual focuses simultaneously. Remember to feel gratitude and love, to maintain a strong vibration of mental positivity, and to continue to be especially generous to others.

Now that you've chosen to honor your Creator, empower yourself, and bless all creation, what will you do for an encore?

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